2 Minute Warning lyrics

Sometimes I feel lost like a runaway
[? ]
Reap while I stay
Getting Richard (richer) like Pryor
Need to put the gun away
Cus I got pryors
It's hard to stay rollin when the world full of riders
Bullet tip on fire
Flyin down sunset
Motivated to win
Like I ain't won yet
Take shit over
Hell naw I ain't done yet
I LBC ya'll bringin?
Tonight it's going down like free fall
Chevy bouncin up and down like a fuckin see saw
Trippin off hate no hee haw
All blacks locs on the loc
Actin like I don't see ya'll
Doing that shit to da mean dogg
When I bring it to you
You be like what you mean dogg?
Then we go back and forth like it's ping pong
Knowin I should just ring ya bell ding dong
But that's one thing about this shit partner
Every move is so watched by these rich boxes
So why should I lose all my rich sponsors
I'm gone then you suddenly hip hoppin
Shit, sip the gin then I'm in the wind
Pop a? like an m n m
So strong yet a nigga thin
Rappers stay sayin Slim so Shady but ain't talking Eminem
So fuck you him and him
I was gangbangin before a nigga mtv
No facade I went from the yard to a 3 car garage
To instant manaj just vintage, relentless
I mean this I promise
No Suge, No Dre, Ida did this regardless
And that's what I'm supposed to think
Flinch at me like I'm supposed to blink
Motherfucka, this crip still, hard to swallow like a big pill
Pushin 40s still a big deal
Ponytail still swanging, hair still braided
Laker to a Clipper I won't be faded
Nigga! So buzz on that shit
Backflip back to plack shit
Blue red white to black shit
But for the green I send a whole motherfuckin team to clack shit
React to mack shit
Problem, terrorist
Fuck this rap shit

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