A Flatline Blur lyrics

my friends are working on avoiding me
so when we meet i keep my mouth real busy
talk out my nervous energy
it never works
i throw darts at the wall and get sloppy

but it's alright now
if i seem surprised
it's just a joke i'm trying out
but if it floats i guess we'll keep it around

a woman gestures lazily
through the hoods of my eyes
i see her shakin her jewelry
it casts a perfect light on me
i feel moved and that's strange
but lately i've been acting really strangely

so it's alright now
i'm keeping distracted
to blunt my reactions
and anyhow
you think less
when there's less for you to think about

a paralyzed puppet sits stiff in the window
runnin its teeth and playin piano
and all its songs bleed together
in a flatline blur
a broken litany of
worthless words
creatin space while your drinks get served
and though it gets on your nerves
just try to pretend like it's not work
a little denial never hurt

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