A Miracle A Minute lyrics

Pre> d dm7 a
Intro: bass and drums then, ooh ooohh, ooh oooh, ooh oooh
Then the band come in over ooh ooohh, ooh oooh, ooh oooh
A e a e
When you put your arms around me, the doctor has to operate
A e a e
We get so stuck on each other we just cant separate, too late

D d dm7 a
Its a miracle a minute, its a miracle a minute, baby
Its a miracle a minute, its a miracle a minute

Your touch fees like magic fingers on my head
Your kiss is a invitation, an invitation that I read, Im in debt to

Repeat chorus then, instrumental verse, then repeat chorus

It only takes me a second to call you on the phone
You always lift the receiver up I never get a busy tone, cause youre home

Repeat chorus then its a miracle three times.

Instrumental verse, then repeat one ine of chorus

Immaculate conception, revelations come,
It only takes a miracle and youre the only one, the one thats

Repeat chorus twice then fade /pre>

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