A Single Second lyrics

Oh my god!
My God this cant be happening!
God tell me,
Tell me this isnt real!
I cant believe all that I have foreseen is finally happening.
I cannot for a single second stand the way I feel.
I always knew.
I always saw it coming.
Enveloped now,
Encased by my worst fear.
Ive never felt the nausea of longing to feel nothing,
I never wanted to cease to exist,just disappear.
Fear memories are all that lie ahead.
Never have I felt so lost.
Memories dull my senses.
Fear tragedy is all that lies ahead.
Never have I felt so dead.
Once felt so warm,
No Im fucking freezing.
I am the once embraced abandoned one.
I raised my eyes up to the light in hopes of finding healing;
No relief was mine,
I was burnt, by the sun.

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