A Tisket - A Tasket lyrics

A-tisket a-tasket
A brown-and-yellow basket
I send a letter to my mommie
On the way I dropped it
I dropped it, I dropped it
Yes, on the way I dropped it
A little girlie picked it up
And put it in her pocket
She was truckin' on down the avenue
Without a single thing to do
She was peck, peck, peckin' all around
When she spied it on the ground
She took it, she took it
My yellow basket
And if she doesn't bring it back
I think that I will die
A-tisket a-tasket
I lost my yellow basket
And if that girlie don't return it
I don't know what I'll do
(Was it red?) No, no, no, no
(Was it brown?) No, no, no, no
(Was it blue?) No, no, no, no
Just a little yellow basket

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