Adam & Eve lyrics

Tonight you stooped to my level
I am your mangy little whore
You are trying to find your underwear
And then your socks and then the door
And youre trying to find a reason
Why you have to leave
I know its cuz you think youre adam
And you think Im eve

You rhapsodize about beauty
And my eyes glaze
Everything that I love is ugly
I mean really, you would be amazed
Just do me a favor
Its the least that you can do
Just dont treat me like I am
Something that happened to you

I am truly sorry about all this

You put a tiny pinprick
In my big red balloon
And as I slowly start to exhale
Thats when you leave the room
I did not design this game
I did not name the stakes
I just happen to like apples
And I am not afraid of snakes

I am truly sorry about all this
I envy your ignorance
I hear that its bliss

So I let go of the ratio
Of things said to things heard
And I leave you to your garden
And the beauty you preferred
And I wonder what of this
Will have meaning for you
When youve left it all behind
I guess Ill even wonder
If you meant it
At the time

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