After The Superbowl lyrics

Say that she a model and she know how to dance (dance)
She do what she want she ain't got no man at allll
Say she not a groupie and she a steelers fan
I said girl if that's true then I'm a let you know the plan

And you should go and bring some partners thorugh
Let's chill after the superbowl (superbooowl)
Maybe me and you can kick it for a few
After the packers loooose

Here lizard, lizard, lizard

[Verse 1:]
I took my black card out n' slid it
Told my crew that it's time to get it
Black & yellow crime scene tape just so you know who did it
Got a clip and you can fit it
Ever on no band wagons
So if you bet me bring my change
And a couple rubber band wagons, pants sagging
Chick you having she nicknamed me the dragon
Cause she know that I spit that FIRE
And my dick so big that it be draggin
Yea your misses prolly having carpet burns while she grabbin
Knees red look like she bein giving head to aladdin
Why they rapping cause it's a rap
You can not like koopa but don't get slapped
Never seen losers in yellow and black
And they call em the packers cause theys gon pack
Know what I mean told the green
Bay gon be the losing team
Only thing me and greenbay got in common is the green


[Verse 2:]
Ey I spit his just to be like I told ya
Steelers win stole that game over
Then I wroom start in a range rover
Packers just got signed like solar
Front page steelers stealinyour exposure
Murderer fam never get closure
Why my money stay HIGH as a toker
Cause I got as much drive as a chauffer, ha
Chicks straight up outta playboy
Kinda mirror I'm a whip it like a play toy
Ally year with the internet cake boy
Matter fact you ain't on my rap radar
I'm too dope boy, get cash
You can back and just let me get that
My whip fast, when I whip fast
Got em breaking they neck you can call it whiplash
Pull her jeans low frappuchino
Cause she be creamin when I touch
Never bein ready my hustle game heavy
I bet your dreams I'l get to crushed
Can't rock with chamillionaire
He be singing way too much
Well I'm a keep singing so you keep comin and just swinging on my nuts
Hold up




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