Ain't Nobody lyrics

[Chorus - Chamillionaire - 2X]

Ain't nobody cool as me

Ain't nobody cool as me

Ain't nobody, ain't nobody, ain't nobody cool as me

Hold up

[Verse - Chamillionaire]

First of all let's talk about these leeches that be on my sack

Thinkin that I'm gon' get sacked, I Reggie Bush your cornerback

The realest that's on a plaque, the realest to get on a track

Just point me to where you at and I'll visit it on a map

No I'm not gonna say your name, you too lame to be announced

Keep my name up out your mouth and my success gonna take it out

To me it's raining in a drought, you fakers that's fadin out

You mad 'cause I'm what it is and just what it ain't about

And I came with a gang of clout, showed up with a Rapid Ric

He came with a stack of chips you can't explain with a adjective (huh, huh)

Catch me chillin with Victoria models

I be on twenty hour flights, layin horizontal

And you will want to but you can't even fathom

You ain't headed to the Opera, you can't even Phantom

See I hear 'em talkin but I can't understand 'em

These rappers hate the King but can't say that he isn't jammin

You say you hate me and think you rap so greatly

You should step up to the plate, do your best to replace me

That's what I thought, you can't do it, 'cause you ain't me

You flowin in a analog and I'm flowin in HD

Don't get a fan and a male groupie to confuse faker

Confuse it with a male groupie, it's probably you hater

Forget a newspaper, I'm tryin to do new data

So stuck to the viral money, it's feelin like glue paper

F it, I'm 'bout to get rid of my whole fleet

Just gon' keep any car that came before '03

Whole league, guacamole, I am on key

They said you have to be the best, so I'll just own me, yeah


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