Alien Baby lyrics

If we'll all gather around
And be real good I'll tell you the story about
The Alien Child
And how he came to be
On this planet here with us

[Verse 1:]
Way off in the galaxy far away
There was a planet in disarray and told it's maze
A sinister circumstanced in a record display
The population terrorized by a killer named K
The wisdom of the whole world was kept in a book
For only the king to read no others could look
K snug into the castle took a leak on the lawn
Before anyone could response he and the book was gone [evil laugh]
Took it to a cave add it unreachable height
Memorized three-thousand pages in only one night
The light came on ray shots from his face
He had a quietly ability to conquer the place
He wasted no time ravaging life with his hand
Over through the world rulers and took over the land
With every second that he studied in his power increase
An all he kept saying was this book is a BEAST!

[Hook: x2]
Oooooooh, Ooooooh...
It's the Alien Baby

[Verse 2:]
His ring has lasted two century's and then
A sequel conqueration developed among men
One guy said think as hard as you can
So we can come up with the plan to get rid of this man
A lady walked in before the plotting had start
Y'all have seem to forgotten the most manonmis part
She said he's bound to put an end to you gossiping men
Don't you know he's got the book you can't possibly win
The meeting adjourned everybody sadly moved on
The lady left and transformed it was K all along [evil laugh]
But an old man walked up which plans for the task
He said this one thing K doesn't know that the book has (what)
A pamphlet, consisting of only one page
With the power to disengage evil of instage
They said if that book is real he already killed him
The man opened up his totem light beam and he reviled it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Heaven's a Mercator, what the hell lowing my hole
When he opened the book wind started blowing in cold
He started chanting (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaah) a language unknown
Then his voice slowered deeper to a dangerous tone
He was summiting the book of destruction for an hour
A guy stood skeptical and doubted his power
As the doubt of thought all of this is fake in his mind
The man looked right at him told him no it's not and kept trying
He collapsed; he woke and said the planet is saved
If you looking to find K he's out cold in the K
Soldiers rushed up to capture him bun-barred the interest
Starving for [?] but all they saw was an infant (wow)
They said he got away the planets in trouble
No he didn't he's the baby in the oblong shuttle
Sentences started over beat no kindred of you
And as a planet called earth that was sending him too
The little shuttle was propelled through the darkness of space
Passed light speed stared at a remarkable pace
Like a meteor it hit the ground and shook up the land
In South Park they found a baby with a book in his hand

[Rapping through the hook:]
With a book in his hand, with a book in his hand
They found a little eddy baby with a book in his hand, yeah
What's his name?


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