All Alone In Love lyrics

Swept me away
But now Im lost in the dark
Set me on fire
But now Im left with a spark
Alone, you got beyond the haze and
Im lost inside the maze
I guess Im all alone in love

I look into your eyes
You turn the other way
And now I realize
Its all a game you play
I hold you in the night
And wake to find you gone
Youre running out of sight
Its so hard holding on
All alone in love


You haunt me in your dreams
Im calling out your name
I watch you fade away
Your love is not the same
Ive figured out your style
To quickly drift apart
You held me for a while
Planned it from the start
All alone in love

Sitting in the dark without you
How am I supposed to make it
Through the night
Slowly fall apart without you
Cry away the hours
Till the morning light

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