All of Everything, Erased lyrics

this is the window where i watched the future start; my pupils dilated. the shock sped up my arms. i shut my ambushed eyes, and turned my face towards the heat. i felt the city choke; i heard the world at war - i prayed for providence. god said, 'don't pray no more. you went and made your mess; now keep your blame off my feet.' so, i got off my knees. i faced the devil's day. the sky was murder red + the streets were headstone gray. a flaming ferris wheel spun where the sun used to be - and i watched its buckets dip and dance. i saw a couple making love lock hands - they were pushing for abandon and the answers it could bring, 90 million miles from the graveyard growing over everything. so i saw my lover chased through fields of sugarcane. she clutched her belly close, she whispered, "keep us safe;" they ground her down to dust. there's no more miracles today. so i dreamt myself awake in a resort hotel, above a golden coast, beside my Southern belle. we heard the sea reborn in each singing shell, and every coughing car, and every coiled snake, and every shrieking star, and every burning stake, dissolved to atmosphere. all of everything, erased. i spread into a distant hum; i droned along with everyone, and the earth grew green and nursed herself to what she used to be, all our senseless shouting calmed to quiet in her ancient memory. and oh!, what a joy, to be free.

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