American Dinosaurs lyrics

This song is about patriotism.

Glide on mighty Pterodactyl,
On the wings of American pride.
Step up to serve your country
Hundreds of years after you died.
Well they say that you were greenish,
But I reckon that ain't true.
If you trot upon the heartland,
You must have been red, white, and blue.
You head so high, gonna bite the sky.

American dinosaurs.
Cry of freedom echoes in your roars.
In caves and river beds.
In the soil where you bled.
Our nation's finest resource.

I guess Noah had a reason
For keepin you off the arc,
Cause he knew you'd burrow in the Earth
And fuel American cars.
And I think about your sacrifice,
As I power up my rig.
Chosen lizards of this land.
You're just so goddamn big.

So fight on faithful Allosaurus,
At the gates of the Alamo.
While Diplodocus makes angels
In the pure Montana snow.
Tyrannosaurus visit Graceland
And Oviraptors egg D.C.
Ichthyosaurus play swim up blackjack
In Nevada's desert sea.
A carbon date with destiny.

American dinosaurs.
Stand firm beside us in our wars.
With your ample dino crack.
Shitting glory on Iraq.
Take back what is rightfully yours.

American dinosaurs.
Man's own heroic petrol s'mores.
Over hills and on the plains.
God bless your tiny brains.
We people are your dino-whores.

U.S.A. God Bless America.
U.S.A. Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, ROAR!!

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