Anything That Moves lyrics

[Evil laughs]
Once again...
You have entered the zone of no return...
Close ya eyes...

[Verse 1:]
Nobody wanted to challenge me when the time came
I cocked aim and blow the pictures out ya mind frame
I like to gash fact a match and burner fast
I studied and learned the blast back in that Turner class
Got a weapon that spits bash of saw fluid acid
No time for casts cause the massacres to massive
Duck when I lay a verse down (yeah)
They call my opponent's McGradys cause they never make it out the first round
I stay composted when the gun blows
I fix supposed to be notorious head honchos and put em in nut clothes
You can inspire to retire me, remove me from society
No force to put it off you have to hire me's (me's)
I'm a science brain anaconda piranha
The snake head removal with the Osama persona
Provoking me and never been wise I know you want to
And like borrowing some draws that something's you just don't do

[Hook: x2]
Don't spare nobody kill anything that moves
Don't spare nobody kill anything that moves
I'm a dismanitle frame with every weapon I can use
Got tools that do with smooth no traces incuse

[Verse 2:]
When you keep trying to be hard inspiting my warning
The results are never pretty like yo wife in the morning
You be acting all fragile and feminem I'm the gutta type
I love myself so much I was still me in another life (that's right)
And how are loon I'm a hit'cha with the loudest boom
Still on the surface I'm out of space like a crowded room
I travel on an aircraft plus a mi-cage
I don't cuss you out from the road I got sky range
Let me say that it ain't never wise to bother K (never)
I execute ya first born son on Father's Day
Disintegrate ya address and lack of love I have for you was never ending
So I guess I could care less
Your want the mic I can pass it to a hater (uh)
A birthday big enough I whoop ya ass with the agrater
Slice at a fast pace like it's a next slashing race
Plus so meaner than the lady in a check cashing place

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
It's a stupid move to fool with me in any situation
That's like choosing a life sentence over one day of probation (fool)
I'm focus (yeah) I can't get out the minute he blink
I be sipping on nuclear atomic energy drinks
The second I laid eyes on the mic is when the wall broke
And when the smoke cleared it revealed miles of war smoke
You fraud, you don't wanna face this mob
You went from being hard to working on a waitress job
Came around try'na get talked the flow and be dope
You wanna learn try this new song I'll show you the roast
You vain rappers are the main actions
I'll sap ya to another world like making (?) re-site his name backwards
Me and you are like Crush but different ways I'll summit (uh-huh)
Me I'll stay around bread and you get cut off from it
I pass a Rodger happily
I got a twin who was magically born twenty-seven years after me

[Hook x2]

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