Babbette lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, vocals)
Ruth underwood (percussion)
Tom fowler (bass)
Chester thompson (drums)

Dont tell me no, babbette
(I mean duke)
Dont you tear my dream
Dont you break my heart
Darling, we could share a love so fine
Please, darling, wont you be mine

Dont tell me no, babbette
Cant you see that i
Dont wanna make you cry
Youre the only one like this before
Please, babbette, its you I adore
You I a-do-re

Oh, how I want you
I really really want you
I need your love to guide my way
Oh! oh! oh!
Oh, how I need you
I really really need you
Dont try to bark
And Ill take you to the park
Arf! arf! arf!

No, babbette,
Dont you tear my dream
Dont you break my heart
We could share a love
We could share a love...
We-e-e-e could share a life...

You know
I know I had to go on a tour with zappa
And so marty said to his ever babbette
Well, you know
When I need a little bit of your lovin, babbette
I brought along a whistle around my neck
So I can call you babbette
I said wah-ah-aahh!
Could nobody hear that whistle for babbette?
Woh! its a strange dog-whistle
The only dog that could answer the great things
Is a german shepherd
Golden man pinches...
All martys women

You know I said
No, no, no, babbette
Share my love
Dont make me cry-y
Dont make me cry
Oh-oh! no-oh, no-oh, no-oh, babbette
Share my love
Dont make me
Dont make me
Dont make me cry-y-y

Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf!
(thats what marty said to all his dogs)
(marty, theres a phone call for you!)

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