Ballad Of A Salesman Who Sold Himself lyrics

There was moonlight and laughter
That danced on the sands
And bloodstained pianos
Are played without hands

Such a promising music
Sweet whispers and dreams
From a travelling window,
The salesman who screamed.

Moonlight, saturday night
Its now or never
Oh play stormy weather,
For me, for me.

I lived in the flower shop
Called love is so sweet!
And I get all my kicks
From the customers feet.

Well, Im just a stranger,
None stranger than i.
My head in the quicksand
My feet in the sky.

I was carefully crazy
When playing the game.
cause business is business
And Im not to blame.

Climb on my back
Its a wet afternoon ;
A bottle of booze,
A bit of a tune to sing;
Goodbye, everything;
Goodbye, everything....

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