Be Who You Are lyrics

Be who you are,
don't ever change.
The world was made to measure for your smile,
so smile.

Those crazy dreams
we threw, we threw away,
I never been alone with you,
I never could.

They say
that love will find a way,
and love will never be set free.
And I won't ever let you be,
you could not understand,
you never will.

Be who you are,
I bless, I bless your name.
And all that summer madness caused the rain.
And we, we.

Oh, oh, oh.
The glory that we made,
my love will grace the halls of time,
a love that never can be mine.
You could not love me then
I love you still.

Be who you are,
seize life and find a way,
and I will be the shadow loving who you are,
be who you are.
We were.

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