Because Of Love lyrics

Because of love he left his throne
And made this earth his home
He did it willingly
For you and me
With heaven left behind
He came to save all mankind
From sin and shame
He could have walked away
But instead he chose
To stay upon that tree
And take a crown of thorns for me
Because of love
Because of love he bore my pain (bore my pain)
Shouldering the blame
Why did he chose to go (he didnt have to go, no)
How could he love me so?
Because of love he called to me
He said child I will set you free
Youll have life abundantly
Because of love (because of love)
He gave unselfishly
Caused my blinded to eyes to see
It was you and me he had in mind
On the road to Calvary
I never known such a perfect love
I had fallen down but he picked me up
He rescued my soul
Now I want the world to know
Because of love he left the grave
Prepared for us a place
Hell back again someday
And I will hear him say
Because you believed
Youll live eternally
And Ill fall on my knees
And I will cry
You are holy, holy, lord god almighty
You are worthy, to receive glory
Honor and power forever
Holy, holy, lord god Almighty
You are worthy
To receive glory
Honor and power forever
Amen, A-amen, oh A-amen
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Jesus you are
The angels bow down and say
Holy, holy, holy
All creation cries out
Holy, holy, holy
Youre worthy of all the glory

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