Bed Remix Bread lyrics

Turkey, Turkey
Turkey on some bread, turkey on some bread, bread, bread
Turkey on some bread, bread, bread, bread!

Girl go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich that I like
Alright, okay, sandwich, with laces
Mayonnaise, put it there, smoothly, oh yeah
Lettuce with some tomatoes
Give me a orange Faygo
First get chu back to that fresh turkey
Turkey, Hmm
Now that's a sandwich there
Now stop...
Baby it is something ya puttin that you had forgot
Kraft American cheese, baby please
Can you cook a slice

I'm gurbbin, I'm grubbing
I'm starving, I'm starving
I'm hungry, I'm hungry
In the morning and the night

Make me a sandwich girl instead
With Sara Lee wheat bread
I like it till my meal goes away
Put some turkey in dat bread, bread, bread
Put some turkey in dat bread, bread, bread

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