Beercan Boy lyrics

Size don't matter
Well that's usually true
More important
Is who it's attached to
But to find a larger tool
can sometimes be so thrilling
It goes down smooth
Definitely more filling
It's fat and wide
I can barely get my hand around it
Thick as a can of beer
Waiting for my lips to surround it
When i was young they'd complain
That i had a big mouth
But now it comes in handy
When my beercan boy gets randy
Beercan boy, my beercan boy
Beercan boy, my beercan boy
I want to get him off
And feel his silky jizz
I want to pop his top
And see him spurt and fizz
Look at the head on that brew!
I'll go down on it and nuzzle it
But no swallowing allowed
Even though i'd to guzzle it
I'm afraid we'll get into a quarrel
Cause with one that big
It's tough to do anything more
Than oral

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