Bill Gates (Remix) lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah
ok , here comes the great white shark a little .. poe
my money is like a fat .. she has a cash role,
combination, locks saves , ..and small faces call me ..
....just the street like ... i turn the a circle of squares like a ..maker
but i have it even ...pocket paper, but the strong .. and every hood ...unlocked ..
and why we're wondering who's tat nigga coming .. like the voice of god
do you speak of thundering ....
you'd better watch your step you did ex me who's the
i don't call you son, because you sound like ...father
'cause our father ...they respect me and immortalize me like a ..

..that you think it's funny 'cause they hundred in my ...
what's the issue so official with the steady got .. if you ain't know niggas cash
should i ... creepy with ... undisputed with the spit i the champ
it don't matter if you debate you wanna ...
and corporate the god ...and every religious ..

...that the niggas ..niggas share an ambulance
i got blood with my hands if i ..couple niggas
...smoke that ... drop it niggas out
..i'll do it, i do it like ... i got ... witness
bad b*tches ... my stomach hurt ...
sounds of the gun the b*tch ... all right niggas nuts ..big big ..
they call it ..yes i do the .. smoke.

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