Bill Ted's Homosexual Adventure lyrics

Two california valley boys
The very best of friends
They used to go on dates with girls
But now they dont pretend
After trying to deny it
They went ahead and tried it
Couldnt believe how excellent it felt
Its no bogus journey
Its their hearts true yearning
Its time for bill & teds
Homosexual adventure to begin
In the garage
Theyre practicing their guitar solos
But in the bedroom
Theyre practicing on one another
School was such a pain
What a way to waste your brain
cause you know whats on their minds
Hey dude, 69!
They might seem kind of dumb
But theyre not rubes
They got each other by the pubes
Squeezing on one another´s tubes
Ones dark, one is blond
Day an night they get it on
They got condoms in their pockets
Plug into each others sockets
They learned from socrates
And other ancient greeks
The art of homo love
And sexual techniques
They may not be too bright
But they know what they like
A love affair most triumphant
Its no bogus journey
Its a boner journey
Its time for bill & teds
Homosexual adventure to begin

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