Black Moonlight lyrics

Lost in the shuffle, Ive drifted an strayed
Bruised by the city, bewildered, betrayed
With a heart heavy laden with faltering strides
I have come to the bridge, to the line that divides!

What am I doing up here in a daze
As I gaze at the cold river bed?
Why do I ask myself, shall I go back
When I seem to be going ahead?

To black moonlight!
Where everything reflects your colour
Darkness that is endless.
Nights that leave me friendless . . . blue!

Black moonlight!
You make the lights of harlem duller
Just like me youre faded, jaded and degraded . . . too!
Why must you send . . .
Ebony moonbeams, depressing, distressing . . .
Like shadows of love that are gone?

Where will it end?
Will it spread on to the starlight, the sunlight
And darken each promise of dawn?

Black moonlight!
Ive lost all power to resist you
Madly, I await you, even though I hate you
Black, black moonlight!

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