Bop Your Head (feat. Canibus) lyrics

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yea, yea, yea, yea.
Yea, yea. Fuck that!
I'm set it off. Yea, yea, ya shitted.
Ya in some shit now, son.
It's on now, mothafuckas can suck my dick.
I'm back! Fuck that shit!
Ready to eat niggaz up, beat they ass and e'rything, son.
I'ma prove this shit, right here.
Me and my nigga. What!?
[Killah Priest]
The emperor, chief sinister, street minister
Guarenteed in two bars to finish ya
React like a cat when he arches back
Give a fake rapper a heart attack, once I start to rap
I'm a vocalist, nigga, supposed to rip
Last Poet's told me this, hit ya in ya head wit my explosive fist
Then I finish ya off with my tremendous horse-kick
What now, nigga? Look at ya, talk shit
Can't do it, cuz you ain't got no teeth in ya mouth
And I know ya just tired of me, beatin ya out
Ya trained all year, in a karate class
It took one second, to put yo' ass in a body bag

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