Breathe lyrics

1, 2, 3, Breath

Tell me how you wanna floss
Universal, I'm the boss
Trust me that Chamillionaire is not the one to come across
Bloody thoughts
They trying to tell you it's a drought
Until I pull something out, to show you what a leak about
We the south, and ya'll is just the heirs to air
'Cause when you open up your hand nothing but air is there
Trying to tear tags like the old air Jordan pockets
'Cause soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to pop it
With a rocket, 'cause Houston gotta cheer my name
And if they don't, I'm a make them fear my pain
I'll explain cause I just put the magnets on the pad
And everybody that think I'm talking bout them getting mad
Get your anger, run along check your little swag
I'm quick to tell a chick, she ain't the best I ever had
Picture that, invisible visual so Kodak
Ya'll needa come out the closet like old throwbacks
You're so wack and I am so exact
My dough think I'm so sick like it's no exlax
If I wanted to it's true that I could probably peel panals
But snitches got federals trying to feel flannels
Yeah radio won but I'm a start a I'll channel
Channel set, diamonds make the fans call me clear channel
You get that love and they can't crack your nuts
I'm GTing in the streets they like "that's wassup"
Look sideways towards the god, it's really blasphemy
They on my website daily to stay attach to me
They telling lies, they living somewhere in backme
Acting like a groupie, super fruity no daqery
You know a boss can spend
For every dollar that I spent I swear I lost a friend
Caucasian Maserati and a awesome Benz
One white the other white they the dopest twins
Just follow me no twitter, I'm so realer
Bang bang the rap game, I'm so killer
Mike in my hand, I'm feeling like Godzilla
I'd still feel cooler than ya'll with no scrilla
No gilla, getting lost I'm never that, get a map
The jungle is crazy so get a strap
It's a fact the Benjamin is everywhere that I'm at
If he every disappears I promise I'm a get him back

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