Breathe lyrics

I breathe into this mic
but does it matter?
if i could sacrifice
id give it back
you can feel it, you can taste it.
i stop and remind myself

Reality knocks at my head
what am i doin here
would it matter if i were dead?
who would care? would u care?
but oh how i appreciate
our own lives is what we create
and never give it back
id never give it back.

these walls are falling down around me
and all i can do is say.

What can i do?
where can i turn
but for now, ur changed ur mind
ur livin a lie
which u cant keep inside
but u wont coincide til u die

this world is cavin in around
and all i can do is say.

so tell me
just how we
could ever
rise above
and help me
to remember
a time
when i
was all alone
u can help make it right
u can help me to write
and it burns (and it hurts)
yes it burns inside.

life takes control sometimes.
it seems im shifted to the passenger side.
and it burns
and it hurts
but i breathe.

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