By the Way lyrics

happiness isnt happiness at all when its based on bullshit
survivals real, confidence suggests that we were different

we weren't.

the words you wrote about your father, they fit you so well now
so self assumed, so ignorant, so sure of why and how

you're visible.

the sides they took, the reasons why, the way i know you're fucking him
i'm glad to know that all along, you saw me as a problem

at least i'm something.

the smell i used to love so much, the sound of quiet rest
i'm glad that now i sleep alone, and i'm glad that i'm not wes

aren't you?

i'm glad you've been so honest and trustworthy
and im happy for all those things you did for me
im glad to know you're finally sleeping sound
and im happy to know that you're not sleeping around

oh, wait.

you never took me seriously.
you never took me seriously.

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