Caution lyrics

(do not stop on tracks)

I went down one day, I went down one day to see a gypsy woman,
Just one old day, yes I did,
I want to find out, I want to find out,
I want to find out, I want to find out now,
Whats wrong with me and my baby.
We aint gettin down like we used to do,
I mean its pretty good now, but there was a time,
When it didnt work too well.

I went down to see this gypsy woman, you understand,
I told her my story, I told her what was goin on.
And she told me, man she said, all you need, all you need,
She said all you got to have, oh lord,
Just a touch of mojos hand, oh bring it back on,
And it feels pretty good, yes indeed.

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