C.B. lyrics

Claude Bessy: I'm the emcee,
um... so I'm supposed to be saying let's hear it for Sonic Youth,
all the way from the states.
Except uh... actually I'd like about two minutes
of your attention.
Shut your fucking face, I want just two minutes of your attention,
I have a very interesting little story to tell you.
Two minutes, not very long, right?
And it's a...
it's a very instructive little story.
Um... Sonic Youth, um, are a band.. shh shh shh...
Uh, they're about to put out a record in this country except their
record company has decided to put a no-no on the record.
Because of, uh... the cover which is offending some people at
Rough Trade. And now, it's not.. I mean it's not very offensive
cover, it's uh, it's got a naked lady, a naked Puerto Rican lady, it's
not very obscene, she's not doing anything weird.
Uh... it has nothing to do with.. you know, in this day of AIDS, an
uh.. and [?] and all that shit, uh, you would think the major
alternative record company would have better things to do than
worry about the shape of our bodies. So, I thought I'd let you
know, uh, so... um... next time you go and buy a record, and you
think you're really alternative and groovy, and uh, everybody is
in... is into the alternative charts, remember it's just like the other
side except it's a bit, a bit stranger, you know... but just remember,
it's not uh... there's no fucking culture there, you know.
There's just as much censorship among people our age, or you
know.. than anyone else.
Thurston: We'd like to thank Claude for that delightful speech.
This song is called The Green Light. It's about green love.

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