Chamillionaire Speaks lyrics


Ay man, you know what? Life is real crazy man

It's crazy how life is like a full circle

You know, back in the day, I used to look at my life

I used to just think into the future

And think that I was going to be a basketball player, NBA player

I used to wake up every morning, go out play basketball everyday

Told myself I was going to go to the NBA, nobody was going to stop me

Wasn't a realistic dream, I ended up changing, I ended up being a rapper

Who would of thought? Over a 1 million records later I realise

The best basketball player, the smartest person in class

The baddest broad in the whole entire school

Everybody that used to be capping on you, ain't got the ammunition to brag no more

So as you stand in the presence of me and the present

I can actually look back in the past

Think about all them little African jokes and laugh

Hahaha, where ya cash?

Don't try to be mad at me, I'm just trying to eat

No, really I'm trying to eat, like I pull up to the window

MacDonald's drive-through, you know what I'm talking bout

I'm asking for the number 4, Supersize

And guess who I see, *Who you see?*

Somebody who used to talk bad bout me

See, you don't even want to show no gratitude

You want to pass me my food with a attitude

Like "Here, have it dude!"

I'm like, "Maaan, can I get some napkins fool?"

Now that's cool, that's cool, that's cool

Then I hand you a twenty, and as I tell you to keep the change

When I drive off the BALLING license plates must ironically make you feel strange

But you ain't got to hold your head down in shame

You just got to get out there and get on top of your game

You know what I'm talking about man?

Cause that's what I did, it's a grind, that's what I always claim

And one more thing, remember the name

Chamillitary mane

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