Change Yo Ways lyrics

[Verse 1:]
The day was Saturday (Saturday) time bout three-fifteen (yeah)
I'm leaving out the corner store I couldn't believe this scene
This girl approached me slowly spoken ask me "Don't I know you? "
I said "you look familiar" she said "what school did you go to? "
I said "Oh yeah, the face I remember but the name forgot
Back then yo frame was hot and my, my girl you done changed allot"
She said "you crazy boy, times have changed I'll admit it"
"How come you out here posted up? " she said, "I'm just try'na get it"
I said "well anyway how you been? " she said "it's funny you ask
Look like I'm gonna be struggling as long as this bad economy last"
She said "that times were really hard (yeah)
But if you give me fifty dollars I'll let you get a hundred in groceies off my car"
I started thinking, how she used to look over me
And opening walking around acting like her boo-boo smell like Jerry [?]
She was noticeably roasting for cash, no lover had looks that kill
Even though I was holding some old school grill, cause I ain't crazy I took that seal

[Hook: x2]
See y'all trifling and lazy, other half crazy
Woman you ain't slick you need to change yo ways
You ain't goin get no cash from me, ain't goin get no babies
I'm a shut you down no if's, and's or maybe's

[Verse 2:]
Now, I met this other female, she was nice at first
It started good and then she went from bad to twice as worse
I had a premonition (uh-oh) soon I would see a clue
Gave her my number at three-o-clock, she called me at three-o-two
She said "I'm just checking the number me and you know they lied"
I said, "Alright I'll guess I'll talk to you later, okay, bye"
Went out to shoot some ball I didn't even notice at all
My phone was blowed up and loaded y'all, twenty-four missed calls (man)
I called her back "what's wrong is someone trying to murder you? "
She said "I was just worried boo, I hadn't heard from you" (oh)
I said "you crazy we just met and I'm already tired of this"
She said "You sounding like my momma, ex, and my psychiatrist
She started screaming, yapping, going off, cussing and snapping
Ten minutes later, called me back acting like nothing had happened (what)
Girl, what the hell is the matter with you, you ain't none of my spouse
Three hours later, she's was camped out in the front of my house

[Talks: K-Rino]
I'm tired of this
[Phone rings]
Come on, come on, come on Sniper answer the phone, man
[Phone rings]
Come on Snip; pick the phone up, mayne
[Phone rings]
[Sniper Answers:] Hello?
[K-Rino:] Hey, hey, what's up Snipman
[Sniper Answers:] What up?
[K-Rino:] Ay this crazy girl is posted up in front of my house, mayne
[Sniper Answers:] What?
[K-Rino:] Ay you gotta help me figure out something, come over here mayne, do something for ya boy, mayne
[Sniper Answers:] Well, I got'cha homie
[K-Rino:] Man this girl crazy as a Bessie bug
[Sniper Answers:] Still I'm on my way
[K-Rino:] Aight...

[Verse 3:]
Before I end this there's a few things I figured I mention
Going to clubs is like attending a gold-digger convention
Walk up with no paper try'na mack it'll spell disaster
And why the hell you in the strip club, girl I'm a tell yo pastor
Was at the mall frontin' like you had lottery bread
Even though you got that jail caked up at the side of yo head
She tried to bend over and show what she had and was worst (uh)
In a red disconnection notice fell out of her purse
Plus the purse was fake the dude made you believe in it
That's smart enough to know that Gucci got two C's in it
Seen her in Timmy Chan, looking like the Boogerman
Lying to your friend about some house that'cha brought in Sugarland
Stop try'na be something your not ya frontin' steeled you're homed
Them shoes look like yo great, great, great, great, great, great grandma owned them
So maybe after hearing all this, you can strive now
All she had was four dollars at Winders cost five nooow

Ha, ha
Tired of this
All you gotta do is be real
And you'll get realness back

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