Circle Of Light lyrics

Standing just outside
The circle of light
Avoiding the pool cues
Watching the game
Waiting for you
Hanging in the doorway
Like smoke
Like mistletoe
This is where Ill be
Whenever you come or go

Im gonna roll you over
Gonna peel you back
Expose your tender center
Watch the juices flow from the crack
Gonna peel you out
Of your protective shell
Or I might have to break right in there
And raise some hell

I dont have no grand plan
For you and me
Just nothing is impossible
Nothing is unlikely
Im just riding the tide
Nothing more
And its bound to take me out some
Before it brings me back to shore

When you look in the mirror
Do you see visions of your past
I aint got time for halfway
I aint got time for halfassed
When I look in the mirror
I see my days to come
And my face is just a trace
Of where Im coming from

Just outside the circle of light
Is where youve been living
Your whole life
Youve got to jump into the center
And launch your attack
And then youve got to crawl back
In the corners
Where its really black

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