Come Home lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I've been thinking about our love
And thought
We could spend a little time, because
The moments that we share have been so
You're still here, but you're not here

Girl, you're been away too long
Won't you come home
Come home
I been missing you
Since you been gone
Won't you come home
Come home

[Verse 2:]
You said...
That you need a change of pace, and so
I said...
We both could use a little space
Never thinking...
A little while would be forever without your love
Without your love

I can't imagine life
I can't imagine loev
If you're not here with me
'cause i can't get enough
So when you change your mind
My arms are open wide
Do what you gotta do
Just know i'm missing you

[chorus x2]



[Chorus, vamp, end]

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