Commons Brawl lyrics

All right and honorable gentlemen and lady too,
will kindly try to restrain themselves in derring-do
As verbal hard graffiti flies and echoes wall to wall
Our precious model of democracy,
it's the House of Commons brawl
One member from some dark mill town furious did cry,
as spittle frothed on folded chin to damn the lie.
Let's serve this brief amid the rush of boos and loud catcalls
Let's finish this right here and now
at the House of Commons brawl

Kick, punch went the government
as with jackets off they charged heaven-bent.
Scratch, gouge went the other side
as the party firmly did divide.

Another day in the lives of those who would guide us through,
it follows perhaps that we should by their example do,
but there again I think for less poor Guy went to the wall.
The wrong house but the right idea
to end the Commons brawl.

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