Conversation (live) lyrics

Lee: ...god, that really sounds incredible. well actually, the
reason I'm calling you has to do w/ wharton-tronix
Wharton: chuckles
L: I'm wondering if you're still interested in recording Sonic
Youth, or like doing some work with us there.
W: Uh-huh
L: At your place, basically whats going on right now
is, um.. we're sort of biding our time waiting for Neutral to get
together to uh, you know, do our album and all this stuff..
W: Right
L: And we decided we would like to try and release a quickie
single, like as quick as possible, just like 2 or 3 songs.. and um,
just do it as inexpensively as possible, and we were thinking
about doing it in four-track or something like that.
W: Right
L: And you know I talked to you about these incredible
four-track recordings that you were making and so, um, I was
wondering if you were actually still interested in working with us
on it and doing it at your place.. and you know, if the whole
thing goes well, we could probably give you some cash and stuff
if it comes out..
W: Right
L: I mean, I'm not really sure what.. what the deal's gonna be,
we're probably gonna be trying to do it as..
W: Right, inexpensive..
L: know, completely cheap, yeah, like I think you can get
a thousand singles for like around $400 or something like that..
W: Right
L: and uh, so we're figuring out if we can afford to pay for a
sleeve or just have 'em white or what...
W: Fold em yourself (chuckles)
L: What? Yeah, well that's.. don't laugh! That's exactly what..
W: Well i did it!
L: You did? The Glorious Strangers one?
W: Right, the cover cost me $28..
L: For how many?
W: (chuckles) I still have boxes of them..
L: No, but I mean how many did $28 buy, a thousand?
W: Yeah
L: It did!?
W: At least..
L: Incredible!
W: But I had to fold it all myself
L: Yeah but thats okay! Because the place where they sell you
the singles wants $200 for like a black and white photo sleeve..
and that's a lot of money!
W: Yeah (chuckles)
L: You know, I mean if we're trying to do it inexpensively..
W: Right, this is the great inexpensive way.
L: Yeah
W: And you know, you can off-set.. you could anything
on the cover you want, basically
L: Right, right
W: I just got it..
L: Did you cut them to that proper shape and everything, with
the little flaps and all that?
W: Well I had it figured out..
L: Uh-huh
W: You know when I centered the thing, that there would be
flaps on each side and I just figured out how to do it.. and I had
it down to like a four-thing procedure...
L: Uh-huh
W: ...and I got these gluesticks...
L: Yeah, they're great! They're really great..
W: And you just go [makes gluestick noise], you know, and
now, admittedly, you know, if they don't get sold, they fall apart
in the store (chuckles)
L: Oh god.. well we're gonna put them inside little plastic bags
also I think.. so they don't fall apart..
W: Well you'll find that the plastic bags are expensive.
L: Well Thurston said, like $25.. no wait, 25 for a dollar... so that
would be like $40 for a thousand, that's not too expensive..
W: That's not too bad..
L: No I thought it was gonna be even more than that.. maybe
you could even get them cheaper if you tried to buy a thousand,
maybe you could get em for $30 or something like that... but I
was really worried about the [tape cuts off]

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