Country Love Song lyrics

Written by j. jefferson
Available on the album the complete thom bell sessions

Suzie walks her dog but it dont solve
All the mysteries
Hanging with the guys, making with the guys
Playing hard to please

Back in 63, she was made for me
We were having fun
Wasnt long before I could not ignore
Shes about hanging out
Campus queen dreams shattered years ago
And Im the one who knows

Its the same country love song
Different words, a different melody
Its the same country love song

Mama said to me, john you got to be
Honest to yourself
Keeping up the pace, losing in the race
Further on the shelf

I want to write a country love song, tell them nothings wrong
Suzie did my heart
There is nothing more, something said before
Cest la vie, mon cherie
Lady luck, me and sexy so-and-so
And Im the one who knows

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