Crazy Feat lyrics

[Talking: D-1 and Stu]

[Verse 1: K-Rino]
Crazy women the kind who set your clothes on fire
The ones that bust your car windows out and slash your tires
When it's peaceful she be bored but when it's drama she love it
The one who talk loud and cuss to make a scene out in public
No matter what you try to do for her, it ain't no pleasing
First she cool then she pissed off for no damn reason
You in ya car check your rear-view, she trailing behind you
She'll blow everybody phone up that you know till she find you
It be seeming like she drunk man but really she's sober
The kind that start cussing the laws out when y'all getting pulled over
Chill your girl but on the cool you kinda scared on the low
Might see a chick that she don't even know and go "I hate that hoe"
The kind who argue all night and always think she right
The type to run up and swag on a dude you wouldn't even fight
She got a case she on probation and still won't quit
The type to come up to your job tripping and starting some shit
And even if she in the wrong, she want you to side with her
And got three or four crazy home girls that'll ride with her
Try'na leave her, she'll sabotage your whole situation
Go lying and dig up all your personal information
Accusing you of things you didn't do to start drama
The kind of chick that bet not ever introduce to yo mama
If you try to break up with her but you married with kids
She goin call your wife and tell her everything that y'all did
She'll invetrate yo stash and bleed yo cash
And if you mess around and get her pregnant, that's yo ass
But you keep on coming back to her, through all of the plex
Cause everybody know that's crazy woman got the best sex

[Talking: Female]

[Verse 2:]
Crazy dudes so in love we throwed off in the dome
Hiding in the bushes waiting on yo ass to get home
We handcuffing, everything that you doing he wanna know
Going to jail is a routine like a trip to the corner store
And even if the cops around you, you don't feel protected
If he don't threatening you at least once a day you'll feel neglected
The type of dude to fight yo daddy and ain't scared of the laws
That'll pop up at your front door and a roam in some draws
You see em walk the streets daily, but he gone in the mind
Kind you wake up and just find standing over you crying
The kind you couldn't run away from if you move to Iraq
And that restraining order you filed don't it don't mean jack
Fatal attracting to the third power you wish you could leave
He'll go aging physically drag you out the club by your weave
All kinds of criminal history and dirt in his folder
The ones that threaten to kill they self, when you tell em it's over
Told you he loved you the first day that y'all started talking
Always accusing you of looking at other dudes when y'all walking
Twenty-five eighty constantly around yo ass
Changing number and move two times still found yo ass!
Writing crazy letters begging you in every sentence
Left you twenty-five voicemails in fifteen minutes
You're real jealous, any trust he tried to show you it's phony
And always thinking you sneaking around town with one of his homies
He knows street fighting, Tae bo, kung-fu and karate
And if he catch you out of line, he'll goin kill everybody
But you keep on coming back, despite what momma said
Cause he be tearing yo little ass up when he get'chu in bed

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