Crime Of Passion lyrics

I must be crazy they dont know what weve done
You are my lover
Even though I know its wrong
I hear them talking
But whatever they do
I need to love ;you
And if I love you couldnt we make it

Got someone loving me
He wont say goodbye
Hes been so good to me
I dont wanna make him cry
I need you both to love me
Its up to you
You can help me
Youre the reason I cant decide

Breakin my bones and shakin my nerves
Till I just cant see tomorrow
Looking at him and looking at you
And I dont know who to follow
Ill never win in the state Im in

*its a crime of passion , Im bad to love you
Whenever Im with you , I lose control
Its a crime of passion for me and for you
Whatever I give you
Its just too late to save my soul
I need to love you
My desperation is the power to go on
Each night I prayed for love
Im at the mercy of
And if you dont hear me now
Then Ill be the only one
Dont wanna be , dont wanna be the only one

I saw him yesterday
The questions he asked
I think he knows about us
Did we move too fast
How can we hide it
When we know its a lie
Keep our love under the covers
The pressure is too high

Why do I get myself tied up
Why tangle with love you borrow
I should have been known as a one man woman
Should have been one love but oh no
Never be a cure for the human law

(repeat * )

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