Crucified lyrics

One time for ya mind
I'm try'na hang ya boy from the cross, in this rap game
I got nails in my wrist

[Verse 1:]
Now it's time for me to say goodbye to you
Forget a drive-by I get inside a car and drive through you
You can live across the water I ain't tripping I'll fly too you
Inchoation, you don't know if you dead or alive do you
Whoever said I wasn't one of the coldest lyricist, screw you (yeah)
Whoever the so-called greatest can do fool I can do too
Most greatest lyricist a real repetitions that's too true
Rap the same way on every song every album that's boo-boo
I'm a lyrically scientific fill a sofical guru
A master lyricist with the spirit to shock a Zulu
I don't fly over your head on every paragraph to woo you
I rather constantly concept you alive than relate to you
Don't sweat these fake critics that speak on you like they knew you
Don't let nobody dictate your style young homie do you
The same fool that's rapping about what in the bullet do you
It sounds like a ballerina wearing a forested pink tutu
While you stealing ideas a got people wanting to sue you
We was with you girl in the motel room, running a choo-choo
And she ain't try'na leave till every member of my crew-crew
And all these years you thought she was sweet, innocent, who knew?
To try to pick one best rapper is stupid to attempt do to
Like a fool who steeping in shit, putting they foot inside a new shoe
You was mentally staged and now you audiences out grew you
I pay a hundred bucks just to come to your show just to boo you

[Hook: x2]
They wanna check and try me (check and try me)
Wanna crucify me (crucify me)
But when I hit em blindly
They be screaming why me (screaming why me)
No respect deny me
Unaware that I'll be (I'll be)
The coldest you doubt and replying seed

[Verse 2:]
Under the radar, underdog, underappreciated
Underground, misunderstood, and underrated
My natural love and passion for writing became Jay'ed
I gave em intelligence but the garbage they gravitated
To the under interested lame and I cried and narrowated
To the multitudes that hated I'm a newer and navigated
They be hoping that I sell out and become integrated
To this non-symmetrical imbalance industry they created
People ask me all the time "K, how come you never made it? "
It's because in lollipop world I never participated
When you hear my words I want you to think, and be elevative
How can my diamonds and my cars help your life get situated?
You ain't saying shit in your songs that's why your life faded
Two weeks after they dropped that trash it was outdated
Went platinum, turned your back on the hood, you violated
If you don't show love to your fans, then you need to be cash-striated (fool)
You fell off and went broke embarrassed and degraded
Your career was like an illusion that you've illusionated
From day one in the game, all thin ice ya skated
And when you fell through the community celebrated

[Hook x2]

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