Curl Up And Die lyrics

After all i'd done for you
No matter how hard i tried
It wouldn't matter to me much right now
If you curled up and died
It's nearly a year on, and i'd wiped you from my mind
I'm so fucking glad i turned you down, than kept you by my side

Still don't know what you put me through
Cos you're a fucking callous bitch
Is it you're thick or just innocent?
Well your purity makes me itch

I know it was bullshit when you were fucking around behind my back
Always leaving me in the lurch and you thought i'd have you back?
You think you're doing fine, well not last time i checked
You're leaving your friends behind, and looks like your life is next
You know it's bullshit, what you're about
I've no respect for your way of life
Cos you're a down and out

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