Denny lyrics

Denny picked me up, Denny did me
He's got a tattoo of his dick on his belly
It was double vision disorienting
Denny's kind of a dorky fella
Denny's dramatic, Denny's dark
He ain't nothing like the restaurant
He's got HIV+ tattooed in black
In 6 inch letters on his back
He said, "I want them to see
What they've done to me"
Denny's reading The Decameron
About a plague that came before
'Cause Denny's dying and Denny don't like it
And Denny don't dance no more
He's kinda New Age, but Denny's not too smart
Trying to love himself,
But doesn't really know how
He's got a heart tattoo with his own name in it
Trouble is, Denny doesn't really get it
Self-esteem is just a dream for Denny
Denny could be very funny
Says he wanted my asshole tattooed on his chin
But Denny's very demanding
' Cause Denny ain't got long to live
Denny did porno photos and films
Until his tattoos ruined his career
He stares at the video, feeling dejected
Helplessly watching himself get infected
Denny's got pneummocystis
And a new tattoo as well
Denny got a skull and crossbones
Smack in the middle of his forehead
Says, "I want them to see
What they've done to me"

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