Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You lyrics

Woke up this morning
I went out on the street
Sniffed a few flowers then I went back to sleep
My head was cloudy but the sky was blue
And I didnt feel lonely till I thought of you

Later that evening I knocked on your door
Asked how youre feel ing
You said you werent sure
Took off your costume and you lay on the bed
And I came down beside you with the moon in my head

I whispered nothing sweetly in your ear
I played the music that you like to hear
I held you tightly but you slipped right through
And I was left holding someone but I didnt know who

Maybe Im crazy and Im lost in a dream
Brothers and sisters you know what I mean
You leave things open and get lost in the space
And you have to keep running to keep out of this race

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