Dinner With Dolores lyrics

Dinner with delores
Must be some kind of sin
Like a brontosaurus
She was packin it in
The first night we dined
And by the next time
This girl was eatin all but the tip

And by the stroke of midnight
She wanted some more (more)
Showin dirty movies
Like some kind of whore
But she was wastin her time
cause there wasnt a line
That would make me come round her door

Dinner with delores
Must be some kind of sin
Her bells just a-broken (bells just broken)
Since 1984
(dancin) dancin like a white girl (white girl)
On disco dirty floors
Damn, delores, pick another subject please
Introduce the carpet 2 something other than your knees

Like a real confession
No one could be more made up than u
Nothins left 4 guessin
What a shame
(boo hoo) boo hoo


Id call u a friend
But it must be a sin
And Ive run out of cheeks 2 turn

Dinner with delores
No more
Thats the end

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