Discovering Japan lyrics

Verse 1:
Her heart is nearly breaking
The earth is nearly quaking
The tokyo taxi's breaking
It's screaming to a halt
And there's nothing to hold on to
When gravity betrays you
And every kiss enslaves you
She knows how hard her heart grows
Under the nuclear shadows
She cant escape the feeling
Repeating in her head
When after all the urges
Some kind of truth emerges
We felt the deadly surges

Discovering Japan
Discovering Japan

Verse 2:
The GI's only use her
They always ram right through her
Making an eastern promise
That they could never keep
Seeing a million miles
Between their jokes and smiles
She heard their heart denials

As the tears drop sideways down her face, face
I wake up talking in the tongue of a different race, race
And as the flight touches down my watch says eight o' two
But thats midnight to you
Midnight to you
Midnight to you

Verse 3:
I dreamed head long collisions
In jet lag panovisions
I shouted siyonara
It didnt mean goodbye
When loves turn to posers
Show up in film exposures
Just like in travel brochures


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