Do You? lyrics

Hey, baby

What do you do

When I'm not there

Question been on my mind

Letting you know I'm coming

But before I get there

Tell me, do you

Do you play the music low

And burn your candles

Do you touch yourself

Pretending that you're me

Do you think of me

With toys and things inside you

Do you wish your hands

Were my hand

Making you scream

Oh baby

Do you

Do you think of me

Do you wish I was there

Killing you softly

Do you [3x]

Do you still close your eyes

Every night and fantasize

Baby tell me

Do you

Do you lick your lips

Remembering how it tasted

Do you miss the tender

Kisses down below

Do your fingers do the walking

When you hear our favorite

Song again

I wanna know

How do you please yourself

When you're all alone

[Chorus 2X]

Tell me what do you do

When I'm not there

Do you massage your own body

Do you wash your own hair

Do you caress your own thighs

Do you

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