Dominic lyrics

(words & music by weisman - wayne)
Dominic, dominic why are you stallin
Dont you hear love callin to you
Moo, moo, move your little foot do

Dominic, dominic pick one of them ticker
Theres acres and acres to choose
Oh, oh, only a fool would refuse

I, i, if I had your trouble
Life would be double good sweet
Thered be no grass growin under my feet

Listen dominic, dominic when will you hunger
You aint gettin younger my friend
Love, love, love em all right to the end

I, i, I cant understand you, leavin them beauties forlorn
Its time to take the old bull by the horn
Come on dominic, dominic, theyre itchin and twitchin
Better start pickin some woo
Moo, moo, move your little foot do!

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