Don't Let It Break You Down lyrics

Pre>intro: d g (4 times)

D g d g
Now dont get bent out of shape, dont start tearing out your hair
D g d g
One a sweet little angel, that stuffs nowhere
D g d g
When the bombs go off on oxford street and the kids beat up old people
D g d g
Its just a soundtrack for your life its just everyday evil

Dm bb dm bb
Dont let it break you down dont let it break you down
Dm bb d g d g
Dont let it break you down

Some people are in charge of pens that shouldnt be in charge of brooms
They have the nerve to rip up a mans life in a paragraph or two
And the aeroplanes get hijacked and all the americans get killed
And the children are addicted to a sugar-coated pill

Chorus then e g d (three times)

Well you get sent out on the racetrack, you get spurs dug in your cheeks
Youll see a winning post in the distance that youll never reach
And theres a hole in the atmosphere gets bigger every time you spray your hair
And someones drilling down through the earth just to see whats there

Chorus twice, then instrumental section with
Grunts and soft guitar and then ends on d /pre>

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