Drinking With The Girls lyrics

You thought you had it made
Like the songs would write themselves
But your words ran out of ink
And your fingers lost the chords
Now you lay around so bored
And you hit the bar at 2:00
And you waste your time on girls
They know they're getting used
They love the pain that you create
The drunken fights you fabricate
Because they've been hurt too, worse than you
You told them not to get involved
Some bullshit excuse to escape unbruised
But they move on, while you're stuck
Hating your self-deprecation, your self-centered songs
The space you've created
Between your words and your actions
These loveless liasons have left you alone
All you've gained is a loss

You wish and you wish and you wish
You could regain a love you never had to begin with

You wished and you prayed and tried to stay in love
Or at least in your lover's good graces
Just to keep it going
Because when they leave, the drinks get stronger
And much, much more frequent
For the sloppy drunk boys
They hide in their basements
Where the songs write themselves
Yeah, it used to be easy
Before we got lazy and drink with the girls
"No, I know it's not your fault
No, you said not to get involved"
Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you need to believe
In all these self-inflicted tragedies
You scribble them down on that miserable sound
I guess this is the good life

Your self-deprication has made it's translation
These lyrics are done

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