Empty Pockets Filled With Love lyrics

Empty pockets but a heart full of love
A heart full of love for you
Cash? not any, not one red penny
But kisses many, for you!

Empty pockets but a heart beating fast
As true as the stars above
Please say that youll get by with just a guy
With empty pockets filled with love!

You cant eat love, you cant drink love
You cant wear love, like you would a gown
I trust love but just love wont pay for caviar
Wont buy that motor car, or a house in town!

You cant spend love, you cant lend love
You must end love when the chips are down!
Love flies out the window when theres nothin to eat
Nothin to drink, nothin to wear but a frown
An the chips are down!

< repeat verses 1 & 2 with 3 & 4 together >

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