English Roundabout lyrics

people rushing round with no time to spare.
I'm so dizzy I'm neither here nor there,
in this traffic jam I just want to shout
let me off o'this english roundabout
english roundabout
and all the the horns go 'beep! beep!'
all the people follow like sheep
I'm full of light
and sound making my head go round, round.
everyone is cursing under their breath
I'm a passenger, I feel close to death
hopeless situation I have no doubt
stop the madness,
english roundabout english roundabout
and all the cars go'brum! brum!'
and in my ears I feel a hum
the neons blind my eyes
all those tempers rise, rise.
cars and buses go, puffing out their smoke
roll my window down, I begin to choke
I have had enough, I just want to get out
let me off o' this english roundabout
english roundabout.

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