Everybody Hates Snitch lyrics

Here comes snitch

[Verse 1:]
Mayne wassup partna whut it dew what the buisness is
You need ta holla at me I ain't seen ya in a minute kid
Got info fo me my information I'm givin it
We can conversate but the hustlas we know the divid b
Sheer sentences talkin about the sentences
Of the street hustlas we know really the menaces
Tellin em so we cud get us some benefits
Then walkin round pretending like we are innocent
I ain't really got that much time to do crime
I would rather have them give em some crime and reduce mine
I'm a tell on them so I'm bound ta do fine
And anotha rappers gonna go down and do time
Don't trip cause they ain't gon do a thing when they see us
Sometimes they acting like they hard but be as soft as a penis
See ya'll don't even know my snitching game is the cleanest
I was in the locker room an told on gilbert irenis
Knew he was a... target the moment I met him
As soon I see the police comin you know that I'm bailing
How do you think that these rappers even becomin felons
Anybody got a problem with me then I'm tellin
I was on the bus with lil weezy out on the road
And the reason that I told on him so they'd give me parole
And I ain't tryna go to jail cause I ain't really swole
And they be doin things in there you just don't wanna know man

Let me tell you a story bout the one we call snitch
Snitches tellin on you an it's your fault you can't trip
Hating and gossiping ya hang around the same chicks
But you don't know who it is so ya know ya can't diss

Snitches really the reason everybody ain't rich
When the police show up it's the one that ain't pissed
And if you feel like your on your hustle game ya can't slip
I'm a tell you the reason that everybody hates snitch

[Verse 2:]
Mayne I'm the reason that tiger woods ain't about the woods
He was workin one of my chicks so I got em good
She stopped messin with me for him she was hollywood
I told her id set him up and she thought I could'ntdo it
Fooled you trick I'm a professional
Cause snitch on anotha snitch an I bet he will never know
If you thinking illegal thought I'm snitchin from head to toe.
If you smellin like baby powder il say your smuggling blow
No it wasn't me I didn't do it man I didn't do it
Ask me any question you want and we can get into it
I spill whatever ya want like I'm made with leaky fluid
Bein an imformant for years but I don't think they knew it
I gotta partna that did I didn't think he'd do it
I didn't wrap it and packages they smuggling to brew it
Didn't inhale but I shall tell you who blew it
Any name ya wanna know il write it down and include it

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